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Getting creative with old sash windows

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of those sash windows that when they were removed where they get put? Most of the sash windows that removed end up in the landfill site or smashed up and broken into pieces and then the glass is recycled and wood burnt. Luckily there’s a small group of awesome arts and craft people that are getting really creative with sash windows and actually turn them into interesting features for the home. We are  going to look at those interesting features and have a look at how much they will cost and what they’ll bring to a property.

One of the most interesting things to do a sash windows is take one that has Georgian glazing bars and reuse them as a picture frame. They simply turn the window the other way around and then install pictures against the glass this acts as the perfect picture frame.

Picture frames are really expensive and it’s worth considering that the basic ones on all that interesting. you need to spend a serious amount of money to get high quality picture frame this sash window method seems to be really useful and looks great take a look at the picture below and you’ll see what I mean.


As you can see in the picture these frames look really interesting items in most homes that going to be and I said. Especially homes where you like chic or boutique products. they might be a little bit rustic for some tastes but overall are very pretty.  Many people really live a distressed look.  I have to say I’m a huge fan of the distressed look but I certainly like the look of these interesting glazing bars on the sash windows. It’s the perfect way to separate pictures.  Amazingly most sash windows companies will actually give you these windows for free because otherwise they’d have to actually pay to dispose of them.

What’s more people are paying as much as a hundred and fifty pounds for one of these very interesting picture frames and sash window companies are giving them away for free.  All we need to do is contact one of the sash window companies ourselves and they’ll be more than willing to give us a few of these sashes. I emailed Chris from London sash window repairs and he actually just said ‘please feel free to come and take as many as you like’ from our workshop’.  He then mentioned to me that there was actually another way the arts and crafts people were making make interesting and creative things from these windows.


Some very clever crafts people are actually turning these sash windows into mirrors.  it was really interesting to say because I do really look good then considering the cost of something bespoke like this would be in the region of a couple hundred pounds I was rather taken away by the fact that companies will giving these windows away.  I can’t stress enough to almost every single sash window company in London will be more than willing to give you the sashes.  One sash company even offered to arrange for redelivery if we took a bulk load of them!

When you’re making a mirror sash window you need to think about taking the sash to a glaziers who will cut you the mirror and supply at the same time.Believe it or not mirrors actually really cheap.  you can normally get enough mirror for a whole sash and it will cost you about £10.  I’m so pleased  with what I’ve discovered here.

Another brilliant way to use sashes is to turn them into a makeshift Greenhouse.  Because the glass on them is only 4mm you need to be super careful that you don’t hurt yourself. The glass is never toughened or safety.  what people do we simply screw a large number of sashes together and effectively make a small but robust  little green house.  Amazingly sashes work beautifully as a propagator.

It’s actually really useful to use these windows and not fill up landfill sites.  So if you have some super cool craft ideas for sash windows please feel free to let me know and I will happily posted for you.  the most amazing thing about the internet is you find a word of these really cool tricks, sash windows and , sash windows and crafts do tie together beautifully.