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Creative gardening is poetic

What is creative gardening? Simply put, it’s out of the box art and wow factor added to your everyday planting and garden landscaping. We all love gardening in some shape or form, just some of us like to push the boundaries a little further and go out the box with our techniques. In this article why I intend to look at some of the more creative gardening Styles and the idea behind them. Personally I think some of the best creative gardening old stems down quality recycling of goods that we met just throw away. There’s always been something really romantic about taking something we should have thrown away and making something purposeful with it.

I recently came across an example where creative gardeners where using boots and shoes to make lovely planters. They simply added high quality soil and compost into the boots. From there they took out seed trays and planted way to their hearts content. Using old boots was kind of poetic. All of the vibrant colours from the shoes, trainers, and boots made for a wonderful creative gardening display. It’s actually quite difficult to come up with these ideas, a bit like poetry in itself.

Another really interesting idea I saw was to take old car toys and fill them with high quality soil. These make incredibly interesting and creative planters. Since the world doesn’t know what to do with it with these car tyres, it’s an amazing solution to an uncontrollable problem. If every home what to use four tyres for a creative garden, it’s extremely unlikely that they would be any kind of landfill required at all. Almost all homes have just one car and rarely change the tyres.

Another great idea for creative gardening is to use old crockery to plant. Sometime you have a tea pot but the lid brakes, or so much of a set breaks that you simply don’t want to display it. Don’t throw it away, instead make use of it and turn it into lovely flower planters. You never know how exciting the results can be. Look at the picture, it actually really works in a creative garden.

Creative gardening doesn’t just have to be about recycling either. You could for example go and buy a big barbecue, and turn it straight into a flower bed. DIY ideas behind creative to gardening allow us to experiment with the boundaries of what adds curb appeal to a property and what doesn’t.

The best thing about creative gardening is that we get to make our own minds up. We can then pick and choose what we personally think is great for the garden. I actually intend to implement the garden car tyre arrangement. This has unlimited potential, some people have even turned these amazing used tyres into homes. I am certain that there is hope for them as a creative garden too.

Normally I would say it’s a bit tacky an boutique and chic but why not? Spending money in the garden doesn’t really make that much sense beyond a point, so take advantage of whatever is around and lets make some super cool garden structures from the materials that we throw out.

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