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Decorating Ideas – Places to Use Ribbon: Crafty Ways to Use Pretty Trim Around the House

Looking to add a little decorative punch to a room but don’t want to make a big commitment? Try using ribbon to spruce up some different areas in your home. It’s easy, inexpensive, and can be easily changed if you tire of it.

When decorating with ribbon try to use one that is of good quality. There are tons available at craft, art, and sewing stores. There are many that look great, although most people agree that grosgrain is the best.

Decorate Lampshades

Adding ribbon to lampshades is easy and it looks great. Whether it’s a table lamp, hanging pendant, or tiny chandelier and sconce shades, a ribbon detail will spruce it up. Use double-sided tape to attach pieces around the circumference of the top and bottom. Either place the ribbon so that it wraps around the top and bottom (folding over onto the underside) or leave a small space between the ribbon and the edge of the shade.

For a more bold look, place the ribbon vertically (from top to bottom) all the way around the shade to create a striped effect. What’s great about these ideas are that the ribbons can be changed with the seasons to create a whole new look.

Dress Up Curtains with Ribbon

Add a ribbon border to curtains and drapes for a tailored look. While it’s possible to use double-sided tape, it might eventually start to become unstuck (as drapes are opened and closed). A better idea is to use wide ribbon and actually sew it on. This is a great way to embellish a plain window treatment. It’ll look like you spent a fortune.

Accent Glass Doors

Glass doors that are either on pieces of furniture or a part of cupboards can benefit from a ribbon embellishment. Tape two pieces to the inside of the door, stretching them out diagonally from corner to corner to create an X pattern. Tape them in place. If desired, a sticker or medallion of some sort can be placed in the middle where the ribbons cross for a more finished look.

Place Ribbon Around Windows and Doors

Create a ribbon trim all around a room using double-sided tape. It’s a little unconventional, but that’s what makes it fun! Place the ribbon around the outside of windows and doors. Be sure to use a fairly wide ribbon so that it makes a statement. Thin ribbon will get lost.

Use Ribbon to Embellish Accessories

  • Tie ribbons around candlesticks to add a pretty touch.
  • Crisscross pieces of ribbon on a fabric-covered bulletin board for added sophistication.
  • Glue ribbon around a plain picture frame.
  • Sew ribbons to pillows in any number of patterns and designs.
  • Tie ribbons around plain plant holders.
  • During the holidays tie a piece of wide, seasonally coloured ribbon around the backs of chairs.

Ideas abound, so use your imagination and add ribbon anywhere you can think of.

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