Die Cut Machines Unplugged: Ellison, Accucut, Pazzle, ScrapSavvy

Several readers lately have been asking what is the difference between all of the machines. They all tell you they are wonderful. Truthfully, they are. But which one is right for you? Here is some information on several brands to try to make this dilemma a little clearer.

AccuCut GrandeMARK and Ellison’s Prestige Pro are the commercial sized manual machines while the ScrapSavvy and Pazzle are designed with the individual in mind.

AccuCut’s GrandeMARK uses a plastic panel to grip the paper or fabric and hold it in place. This insures that the cut isn’t distorted as it passes through the roller. AccuCut has 80+ new dies to be released in January. The machines are primarily geared to the retailer; the new dies will be geared to the crafter. They also have an optional embossing kit and 8 different texture plates. If you have an earlier model and want the Grande MARK, they offer a trade-in feature that will give you a discount. The only piece that has to be purchased regularly is the cutting plastic panel. It will work for hundreds of cuts but needs to be replaced periodically. Price range is about £595.00.

Ellison’s Prestige Pro uses a cutting pad to create the die cuts. Ellison promises accurate cuts without distortion. 134 new designs are being released. These machines are geared primarily to schools although more and more crafters are using them. They also have the embossing capability and texture plates. The warranty is a lifetime limited warranty excluding the cutting pad and the bearing assembly. Price range is about £395.00.

For both machines it is imperative that you explore the dies before purchasing. It will be an investment when you add the cost of the dies. Make sure they offer the dies you need although both companies offer custom made dies.

Both offer extra large surfaces allowing for large die cuts, can be used with fabric for the quilter, and offer starter kits.

ScrapSavvy vs. Pazzle

Your own PC drives these machines and both come with software packages to help you manipulate and customise your own designs. They are smaller than the manual machines: 12-13 inch.

The software for the machines really makes the difference. The machines are opening possibilities galore by making them connect to the computer but what the machine will and will not do will depend largely on the software you get. You will need to make sure the software is compatible with your computer too.

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