Fragrant Lavender Has Calming Effect: Lavender Crafts for Aromatherapy and Inexpensive Gift Ideas

There are many ways to utilise the gathered flower heads and leaves that can soothe the frayed nerves.

Lavender Flowers and Leaves in an Attractive Jar

When the leaves and flowers are completely dry, remove the stems. Put a handful of the lavender into a pretty, clear glass jar or dish without a lid. If preferred, a fancy dish with a lid can be used. Place it anywhere the wonderful scent is desired. To ‘work’ the aroma, simply stir the contents periodically.

If preferred, keep the lid on the dish, and then leave it off after stirring the mixture whenever the wonderful fragrance is desired. That arrangement would be a special addition to the décor of a guest bedroom, or anywhere, for that matter.

Lavender flowers and leaves removed from their stems after drying are wonderful in sachets. For years, people made pillows filled with lavender to help induce relaxation and sleep. Now, scientific evidence suggests that lavender may slow the nervous system’s activity, promote relaxation, and improve the quality of sleep. It suggests also that fragrant lavender may lift the moods of people who suffer from sleep disorders.

Lavender Pillow for Relaxation and Sleep

How to make lavender pillow:

  • Cut a five-inch-diameter circle of light cotton. Measure lace to fit outer edge of circle (optional). Sow the lace around the edge of the circle. Fold the circle in half, inside out. Stitch the piece until one inch opening is reached. Turn the piece right side out. Put the dried lavender flowers (about one tablespoonful) into the ‘pocket’ and finish the stitching. Tuck the lavender pillow inside a pillowcase on bed.

Sachets for Personal Use and Inexpensive Gifts

How to make small lavender bundles for drawers or closets:

  • Cut a four-inch diameter circle of light material. Place about one-quarter cup of the lavender in the center. Draw up, tie tightly with a coloured ribbon, and make a pretty bow.
  • The material could be trimmed with lace or cut with pinking shears for special effect.
  • Patterned material adds colour to the decoration. Sheer material lets the lavender mixture’s colour show through. The lace sachet shown here has a sheer liner to prevent loss of content.
  • These pieces can be made quickly at very little cost. Either can be used in linen shelves or clothing drawers. The small sachet bundles can be tied to a clothes hanger in closets for special aromatic touch. To rejuvenate the fragrance, rub the piece for a moment or two

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