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Gridding to Draw: Queen of Hearts Part

Making the Heart Cards

You will be making two. They will be worn like a sandwich board. For those of you not familiar with a sandwich board, restaurants used to hire someone to walk up and down the street with two signs hung over their shoulders front and back advertising a special deal. This is the same concept we are going to use for the heart.

You are now going to transfer the Queen of Hearts playing card onto the foam core board. Many people find the idea of transferring the image of the Queen of Hearts onto the foam board a little intimidating. I will give you a trick. It is called gridding. You can use this for many different projects and mediums.

I am going to go with the idea that we do not know the dimensions of the playing card because this will help you in other projects and someone printing it off the computer may be using a different size picture. I would actually recommend this method because it allows you to blow up the picture to really see the detail. Here is what I want you to do.

Measure the card across and find the centre. Mark with your pencil in several spots along this measure and draw a line connecting the dots.

Now find the centre of each of the halves. Mark and draw your line. Repeat this again for the quarters. Moving to the width you are going to use the same idea. Finding the centre, you will mark and connect the dots. Do the same for the half and the quarter.

If you are using a playing card, you may be able to divide each section one more time. If you’re using a computer image you will definitely be able to divide the sections at least one more time.

Now transfer the division lines onto the core board. Mark the same way as you did for the card. Begin marking along the centre length. Divide the core board only the number of times you divided the Queen of Hearts image. Repeat for the width until the card and the board have the exact same markings.

Now you are going to work one block at a time. The key is to focus on one block and one block only. Copy whatever is in that block into the corresponding block on the core board. Watch for where the line begins and ends in relation to the block. If it begins a third of the way up on one side, curves to about halfway, and ends about three quarters of the way up the block, that is what yours should do. Do not look at the whole picture when doing this. Do match up adjacent blocks so that lines have a continuous flow.

Use pencil to get the design in place. Then go back over it in marker. Fill in all of the blocks and then add colour. Repeat for the second card.

Use scissors to round the corners of the core board. Poke two holes in the top of each card. Draw the rope through and knot it. The ropes should go front to back over the shoulders. Alternatively, you can use Die Cut Machines or use dry flowers
 for decorate you cards. 

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