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Instructions for Creating a Seashell Frame: What to do with Seashells from the Beach

Create a unique picture frame or mirror frame loaded with seashells easily and inexpensively. It is an easy craft for all ages to work on together. Make it simple or create more intricate designs. Use white and natural colours of seashells and even dyed seashells to assemble this one-of-a-kind memento. you don’t need a fancy craft studio, this can be done at home.

Collecting Seashells

The best part of this project is finding all of the seashells to work with. Shelling is a fun activity for all ages. Collect a variety of sizes and shapes of seashells to take home from the beach.

Seashells collected at the beach can get a strong odour unless they are washed and dried properly. To clean seashells, soak them in a water and bleach mixture, rinse thoroughly, and let dry completely before using shells for any crafts.

Seashells, huge selections of them, are available online in bulk and individually. These shells are ready to use for crafting purposes, they could even be used for a Seashell Sand Art Jar.

Choose a variety of shapes and sizes. A frame using all white shells will look gorgeous. Add some pearlised, shiny seashells to create shimmer. Another option is to use seashells with a variety of natural colours. There are even dyed seashells available in all the colours of the rainbow.

Supplies for Craft Making

Find a flat frame. This will make it easier for the shells to stay in place. More seashells can be used on a frame that is larger and has more surface area.

A wooden frame can be painted or unpainted. The style is up to the person making the frame. Whitewashing the frame with paint looks nice and gives it a shabby chic appearance. For more durability, give the frame a coat or two of a water-based sealer.

Glue is essential. An all-purpose glue will work just fine. Craft stores are an abundant source of glue, as are hardware stores. Other options are using a hot glue gun or glue recommended for non-porous surfaces.

Assembling Art

When the shells, frame and glue are ready, it is time to start putting together this masterpiece. Lay out some of the shells in the shape of the frame to get an idea of spacing and placement. Or just start in anywhere.

Use enough glue so that as much as possible of the shells can stick to the frame. Put a big dollop right where the shell will go or cover a small space with a thick layer of glue for multiple shells.

Wipe off any excess glue that gets on the front of the shells or drips onto the sides of the frame. The glue will dry clear so it won’t matter if some get around the sides of the shells. To create a grouping or to pile seashells on top of each other, glue one base layer of shells, allow it to dry a little, then go back and apply more glue and more shells right on top of what you already have. This will make it more sturdy and less likely to slide around.

Allow to dry completely according to the glue’s instructions, usually about 24 hours.

A beautiful, unique work of seashell art is ready to go. Put in a picture to remember the beach, hang it on the wall, place it on a shelf, or put it on a table and enjoy. Also makes a great personalised homemade gift.

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