Make Spectacular Books: Book Review

Make Spectacular Books

Is this just the same old ideas dressed up to look updated?. I have bought those books that promised so much only to be disappointed. They don’t offer enough innovation to justify the purchase.

Not so with this book. There are so many original ideas. It gets you motivated to come up with twists and turns of your own.

Is this one of those books that shows you fabulous samples and then shows you how to make the stripped down amateur version that doesn’t look anything like the pictures in the book?

They have really beautiful examples and give you step by step directions for making the books you see.

Are the directions clear enough that any skill level can be successful?

Absolutely. This is one of the features of this book that I found so exciting. They instruct in clear and understandable language.

Is this one of those books that works you through the project with gaps where they assume you know how to end off or how to do a particular step so they leave out those directions?

Once again, this book comes through with flying colours. They carry the instruction through the sequence of steps from beginning to end. Where there is a need, they expanded on the directions without fail.

Do the pictures elaborate on the instruction or are they just there for visual impact?

The diagrams and photos are really well done to show the detail where language alone may have not been enough. At the same time the pictures do supply the visual impact to get you excited.

Another feature that I found set this book apart is the resource guide. It gives the list of suppliers for every item used in the book and the website to find them. So many books give great looking examples but it is impossible to find all of the embellishments or the exact paper. Sue Astroth (author) was really thinking about the crafter with this one.

I had to share this one with you. Let me know if you come up with your own original ideas. Personally, I want to make one now using chopsticks instead of skewers. For my friends who enjoy the outdoors, I am going to replace the skewers with birch twigs. See for yourself by visiting the C & T publishing website.

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