Unique Uses for Origami Flowers

Folded paper flowers are fun to create, and practice makes perfect, but what to do with these beautiful paper blossoms? There are plenty of ways to put origami flowers to use in home decorating and entertaining. A bonus: origami flowers never look droopy, and won’t require watering.

Paper Holiday Ornaments

Decorating for the holidays with origami ornaments is an inexpensive way to achieve a unique, custom look.

  • Nestle elegant origami lotuses onto the branches of a Christmas tree. Try metallic silver and gold paper to add some sparkle.
  • Accent a cluster of greenery with vibrant red paper roses. Arrange on a fireplace mantle or windowsill.
  • A cluster of scarlet paper roses contributes festive drama for Valentine’s Day. Place on a windowsill or hallway table.

Origami Wedding Flowers

Using origami flower arrangements in place or in addition to real wedding flowers is a unique take on a wedding tradition.

  • A wedding bouquet crafted from paper flowers is unexpected and elegant. Create an armful of gorgeous origami roses for a bride to carry down the aisle. Use all-white or white and silver papers and attach blossoms to thin wooden dowels. Wrap the dowels in green paper to act as stems. Gather the stems together and wrap with ribbon to create a classic hand-wrapped bouquet.
  • Origami roses, lilies, irises and other flowers can be used for boutonnieres and corsages. Attach a paper flower to an origami stem and simply pin to a lapel or tuck into a buttonhole.
  • Fill decorative holders with an assortment of origami flowers to decorate an altar, trellis, or canopy. The patterns and materials found in origami papers allow for endless possibilities with colour and even metallic accents.

Paper Flower Table Centrepieces

Origami flowers make for long-lasting and low-maintenance party and wedding table decorations and even add ribbons.

  • Use red, white, and blue paper to create a patriotic centrepiece for a Fourth of July celebration.
  • Fill slender, tall vases with origami lilies on long stems for an elegant wedding centrepiece. Try white, silver, or even purple and blue papers.
  • Fill a white or brown basket with a festive bouquet of origami flowers in spring or autumn colours to suit the season of any occasion.

Origami Online

Find resources online to create flowers for these projects.

  • The Origami Resource Centre online provides diagrams for dozens of origami flower styles.
  • Origami Instructions offers patterns for paper flowers ranging from simple 2D models to more advanced 3D models.

Whether new to the art of paper folding or an old hand, these ideas offer ways to put elegant origami flowers to unique and creative use. 

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