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Weather Art Projects for Kids

Use the day’s weather to inspire an art project. Or, if studying weather in school or at home, do a series of these projects and post them on a bulletin board or set them in an album. Some of the pieces mimic the look of the weather while other projects use the weather, sun or rain, to create the final results.

For example, draw a picture with washable markers or watercolour pencils and set out in the rain to create rainy day art. These projects all use inexpensive, basic art supplies.

Sunshine Prints

On a sunny day, gather an assortment of objects with interesting shapes. The details of the particular object don’t matter as much as the outline. Take a piece of dark coloured construction paper and arrange the objects on the paper. Do this in a location that will remain sunny for at least four or five hours.

When the time is up, remove the objects from the paper. The paper beneath the objects will be dark while the rest of the paper will have faded in the sun. This is an inexpensive option to the sun sensitive paper that can be found in art and hobby shops. Use the resulting print for journal cover or greeting card.

Foggy Art

Make a foggy scene with waxed paper and construction paper. Start with a sheet of gray paper that will act as the background. From brown paper, cut hills or mountains and glue them to the construction paper. Draw a line of glue around the edges of the picture on all four sides. Set a piece of waxed paper over the scene.

Now, cut trees from black construction paper and glue them onto the waxed paper. Put more glue along the margins of the paper and set another sheet of waxed paper over the picture. Cut one tree from the black paper and glue on top of waxed paper. The scene will appear to be shrouded in fog.

Snow Picture

On a piece of blue construction paper, draw an outdoor scene either with a house and trees or with trees and mountains. After drawing the picture, add some white glue to the tops of the trees, house, mountains, etc. Pull apart cotton balls so the pieces are wispy and glue them onto the pictures to add the look of snow. Kids can also cut paper snowflakes.

Soapsuds Paint Clouds

Mix a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent with two tablespoons of liquid starch. Beat the mixture with a hand mixer or egg beater so the mixture is as thick as cake frosting. Add a few drops of white tempera paint. On a piece of blue paper, finger paint clouds with the soapsuds paint. Draw the ground scene with markers after the paint dries.

Children can mimic a snowy, foggy, or cloudy scene with different art materials. They can use the sun or rain to create unique abstract images using the weather to form the final picture.

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